New Resource: JRS Asia Pacific Website

Placing refugees at the centre

The website presents the work of JRS in the region and for the first time comprehensively highlights the plight of urban refugees with videos, photos, stories and news articles. Initially, it will be available in English, but over the next few months, the Thai and Indonesian versions will come online. Moreover, the work of the eight Asia Pacific countries will be presented in more detail, as will specific campaigns; forexample, on landmines, women, education and detention.

JRS Asia Pacific chose International Mine Awareness Day to formally launch its site to bring attention to one of our longest-running and farthest-reaching campaigns. JRS has been campaigning against landminessince 1990 and cluster munitions since 2008. JRS was one of the founding organisations of the Thailand Campaign to Ban Landmines. In 1997 this campaign won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Within the website, a special place will be given to the voices of refugees and a new multimedia library. Core to the mission and values of JRS is to empower refugees and bring their voices to the forefront.

The website is:

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