PhD in Transnational and Migration Studies

The International PhD Programme for Transnational and Migration Studies – TRAMS – is located at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies at Copenhagen University and thus draws on the wide and varied spectrum of research areas covered by a large modern languages department: the histories, politics and social structures, the cultures, the art forms, the religions and indeed the languages of the Western and the post-colonial worlds. At the same time, however, TRAMS is interdisciplinary and seeks to cross the boundaries traditionally established between these areas of study, and to look at them from global, transnational and transcultural perspectives.

We have expertise in a range of modern languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch; we provide in-depth studies of national cultures and identities around the globe from both inside and outside perspectives; just as we specialize in the transgressive movements of migration.

TRAMS offers PhD training and supervision within such areas as globalization, transnationalism in Europe, the USA, Australia and the post-colonial world; migration, diaspora, exile; cultural transfer, culture clashes; otherness, heterogeneity, hybridity; polyphony, language changes, translation studies.

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