Risking rights: An assessment of Canadian border security policies

In Whose Canada?: Continental Integration, Fortress North America, and the Corporate Agenda, Ricardo Grinspun, Yasmine Shamsie (eds)

Questions and concerns regarding the scope and depth of Canada’s relationship with the United States loom larger than ever since 9/11. In Whose Canada?, contributors provide a comprehensive analysis of the legacy of free trade and look at the challenges that deepening bilateral integration presents for Canadian sovereignty and public policy autonomy. They focus on trade and economics, politics, public policy, social policy, labour, health care, education, local government, minority rights, military and security, foreign policy, culture, law, Quebec, environment, energy, and civil society. In response to the question Whose Canada?, the authors share their scepticism about corporate Canadas continental agenda and the results of Ottawa’s cozying up to Washington, arguing forcefully that Canada’s future must be shaped by its citizens, not its elites. To this end, they advance a practical vision for revitalizing democracy and upholding the public good.

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