RSC Working Papers

The RSC has published five new resources on displacement:

“The struggle for belonging: Forming and reforming identities among 1.5-generation asylum seekers and refugees,” by Sewite Solomon Kebede, explores the identities of the generation of Ethiopian refugees based in Europe and America who have lived part of their early lives and adolescence in Ethiopia.

“Tony Blair’s asylum policies: The narratives and conceptualisations at the heart of New Labour’s restrictionism” by Bethany Maughan, explores the shifting rhetoric of New Labor’s asylum policies, who is a refugee,and who is entitled to British state benefits.

“Flowing into the state: Returning refugee youth and citizenship in Angola” by Jess Auerbach, explores how young displaced Angolans in southern Africa are citizens in their own right, and how they think of and make their futures in the wake of the Angolan civil war.

“Negotiating childhood: Age assessment in the UK asylum system” by Anna Verley Kvittingen, explores the process of assessing the age of asylum-seekers, and the barriers and judgments involve in determining who is a child according to both British child protection and asylum system frameworks

“Ending internal displacement: the long-term IDPs in Sri Lanka” by Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen, considers the options for northern Muslim IDPs in Sri Lanka, seeking to make a livelihood in the wake of the Sri Lankan civil war.

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