UNHCR is my husband: Interpreting the nature of militarized refugee women’s lives in Kanembwa refugee camp.

 The nature of conflicts after the end of the Cold War leads one to question different dimensions of the effects of war. The consequences of war transcend the destruction of power and state structures in present conflicts however they also destroy norms and socially woven mechanisms in place that are tied to people’s behavior and culture. Refugee women in Kanembwa camp reveal a change in behavior as a result of conflict in Burundi. This study analyzes the militarization of refugee women, a phenomenon that has been made possible due to the nature and history of conflict in Burundi, and the culture and circumstances in the refugee camp. By analyzing the history of the Burundian conflict and the transformation of the Burundian culture in the refugee camp, the nature of refugee women’s militarization in Kanembwa camp can be understood.

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