International MA in Migration Studies

igration Will Define the Future: International M.A. in Migration Studies at Tel Aviv University
A one year graduate degree taught in English

Upcoming application deadline: May 31, 2014

Explore a global phenomenon through an interdisciplinary lens: This graduate program gives students a comprehensive look into the global and local issues of migration; including themes such as labor migration, refugees and asylum seekers, diasporas, policy, ethnic identity and integration. Throughout the year, students explore recent trends, compare immigration policies, and debate some of the most controversial issues of today’s globalized world. This international program is an opportunity to be part of a diverse student body that in itself provides a platform for different local knowledge and experiences to converge and create a unique environment for learning.

Program Highlights:
.  Earn an MA in one intensive year.
.  Be part of an international and diverse student body
.  Understand the issues of migration from an interdisciplinary approach
.  Learn from exceptional professors and leading experts in the field
.  Understand the global complexities of migration through the local context of Israel
.  Get hands-on experience and practical tools through internships and organized trips

Career Prospects
A Master’s degree in Migration Studies prepares graduate for careers in migration and development in sectors including government, public policy, diplomacy, non-governmental organizations, grassroots organizations, journalism, and entrepreneurial pursuits. Graduates are also excellent candidates for continued doctoral study and research at the world’s top universities.

Summer Program
The Graduate Program now offers a summer option for advanced undergraduates, graduate students and professionals interested in the world of migration. The summer program is designed as an intense learning experience that will also immerse individuals into the main themes, challenges and debates in the field. This a great opportunity to get a deeper look into a fascinating topic and explore your interests both academically and professionally.

Over a 7 week period (June 30 – August 14), summer students take 2 out of the 3 courses offered in the summer semester and complete 5 or 6 academic credits along with a Professional Development Workshop.

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International MA Program in Migration Studies
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