Amani El Jack

Amani El Jack

Areas of Expertise

Gender, Globalization, Transnational Migration, Conflict Resolution, Islam, International Relations


PhD, York University

Professional Publications & Contributions

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Research Projects in Progress
• Middle East Uprisings: Gender Dimensions of Islamic Revivalism. This research project examines the socio-economic, cultural, and political dimensions of the popular uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen. It investigates both the distinct challenges as well as the opportunities that currently face many countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Some of the book themes tackle the following: the debates around Islamic pluralism and democracy; Islamic laws; gender and women’s rights; ethical and cultural dilemmas; economic growth; and social justice.

• Guest-Editing a Special Issue of Refuge Journal (Issue 30, Number 2) on Humanitarian Crises and Forced Displacement, along with Yukari Ando at Osaka University in Japan and James Simeon at York University in Canada.

• “Teaching Online vs. Face-to-Face: What We've Learned from Doing Both,” Refereed journal article in progress.

• “Women in the Maze of Transnational Migration,” Refereed journal article in progress.

• “Reconceptualizing Women Combatants: Toward a More Effective and Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration, and Transitional Justice,” Refereed journal article in progress.

Courses Taught
WGS 110: Gender in the Global Context
WOST 280: War, Femininities and Masculinities (online course: Special Topics)
WOST 280: Gender and Migration (online course: Special Topics)
WOST/AFRSTY 300L: Women in African Cultures
WOST 498: Honors Research Tutorial

PAF-G-697: Gender and Dispute Resolution around the World (online course), Women's Leadership in a Global Perspective Graduate Certificate Program

Additional Information
Prior to joining UMass Boston, Dr. El Jack had the privilege of engaging in various global scholarly networks that include: the Women in Conflict Zones Network at York University, Canada; the International Center for Transitional Justice, New York, USA; the Globalization of Protracted Refugee Situations in long-term refugee camps project, York University, Canada; Landmine Action; the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University, UK; and the Bonn International Centre for Conversion, Germany. Dr. El Jack engagement with these international institutions has entailed in-depth research, policy consultations and collaboration with various global partners.