Anna Zalik

Anna Zalik

Areas of Academic Interest

  • Critical Development Studies/International Aid Industry
  • Critical Geopolitics of the oil industry focusing on the Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Political Economy, Comparative Historical Studies, Post-Coloniality


Selected Publications

Zalik, A (2012).  "The Race to the Bottom and The Demise of the Landlord: The Struggle over Petroleum Revenues Historically and Comparatively" in McNeish and Logan (eds). Flammable Societies: Studies on the Socio-Economics of Oil and Gas. Pluto Press.

Zalik, A. (2011) "Shipping the Next Prize: The Trade in Liquefied Natural Gas from Nigeria to Mexico" in Sellers and Melling (ed). Dangerous Trade: Histories of Industrial Hazard Across a Globalizing World. Temple University Press.

Zalik, Anna (2011). "Protest as Violence in Oilfields: The Contested Representation of Profiteering in Two Extractive Sites" in S. Feldman, C. Geisler and G. Menon (eds) Accumulating Insecurity. Athens, University of Georgia Press. p 261-284.

Zalik, Anna (2011). “Labeling Oil, Reconstituting Governance:, the Global Memorandum of Understanding and Profiteering in the Niger Delta” in Cyril Obi and Siri Rustad (eds.). Oil and Insurgency in the Niger Delta. London: Zed Books. p 184-199.

Zalik, Anna (2010). ”Volatilidad y mediación en diferentes campos petroleros: Las Arenas Bituminosas y el Delta del Níger como lugares en controversia" (Volatility and Mediation across Oilfields: The Tar Sands and the Niger Delta as Contested Sites) in Umbrales 20, Special Issue: Hidocarburos, Politica y Sociedad. CIDES Bolivia, pp 307-336.

Zalik, Anna (2010). "Oil ‘futures’: Shell’s Scenarios and the social constitution of the global oil market" Geoforum. Advance Access.

Zalik, Anna (2010). "Marketing and Militarizing Elections? Social Protest, Extractive Security, and the De/Legitimation of Civilian Transition in Nigeria and Mexico" pp 83-97 in McMichael, Philip. Contesting Development: Critical Struggles for Social Change. Routledge.

Osuoka, I.A. and Anna Zalik (2010). "The Dilemmas of Global Resistance against Extractive Capital: The Oilwatch Network in Africa." Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 30: 1-2. pp 237-258.

Anna Zalik (2009). "Zones of Exclusion: Offshore Extraction, the Contestation of Space and Physical Displacement in the Nigerian Delta and the Mexican Gulf." Antipode 41, 3, 557-582.

Zalik, A. (2008). "LNG and Fossil Capitalism." Monthly Review. November.

Peterside, S. and A. Zalik (2008). "The Commodification of Violence in the Niger Delta" in Panitch and Leys (eds). Violence Today: Actually Existing Barbarism? Socialist Register 2009. Merlin/Monthly Review Press.

2008. “Oil Sovereignties: Ecology and Nationality in the Nigerian Delta and the Mexican Gulf” in Omeje, K (ed). Omeje (ed): Extractive Economies and Conflicts in the Global South. Aldershot, Ashgate.

2006. Re-regulating the Mexican Gulf, Paper No.15, Center for Latin American Studies, University of California at Berkeley 2005.

2006. Anna Zalik and Michael Watts. “Imperial Oil: Petroleum Politics in the Nigerian Delta and the New Scramble for Africa”. Socialist Review, April.

2005. Ogon Patterson, Sofiri Peterside, Michael Watts and Anna Zalik. “Ken Saro-Wiwa: Ten Years Gone”. Counterpunch, November 10.

2004. "The Niger Delta: Petro-Violence and Partnership Development". Review of African Political Economy, No. 101, 4; 401-424.

2004. "The Peace of the Graveyard: The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights in the Niger Delta". In Assasi, van der Pijl and Wigan (eds). Global Regulation: Managing Crises After the Imperial Turn. London, Palgrave; 111-127.

2004. "Keeping the Peace in the Niger Delta: From Petro-Violence to Partnership Development". Nigerian Journal of International Affairs, Vol 31, No1; 68-105.

2004. “Optimal Violence and Corporate Self-Help: Understanding ‘partnership development’ in the Niger Delta”. Published in German in iz3w (Information Centre 3rd World) 274: 8-1, Freiburg.

2001. "Un Estudio de Caso en Responsabilidad Social Juvenil: El Intercambio en Desarrollo Rural Mexico-Canada." Proceedings of the Conference Youth, Social Justice and Development. Vol III: El papel de los jóvenes en el desarrollo social. Mexico, ANUIES.

Invited presentations/conference papers, selected

“Mechanisms of Consent in Oil and Gas Fields: An Examination of Regional Approaches to Corporate Social Consultation.” Invited speaker to the University of Chicago Human Rights Centre, Symposium on Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility. May 2011.

 “Contesting Landlords, Contested Science: The Offshore and the Petroleum Frontier” Keynote Speaker, Trent University Politics Research Day. March 2011.

“The Offshore and the Petroleum Frontier”. University of Toronto Development Seminar Series. January 2011.

“The Criminalization of Protest in Oilfields.” Luce Workshop on Green Governance, University of California, Berkeley. June 2010.

“Securing the Offshore: Disposession and Dislocation in the Nigerian Delta and the Mexican Gulf”. Flammable Societies Conference, CIDES Bolivia, La Paz. July 2009.

“Through the Lens of Extraction: 'Unconventional' Resistance and Futures Markets in Oil”, City and Regional Planning Seminar Series, Cornell University, January 2009.

“Shipping the Next Prize: The Trade in Liquefied Natural Gas from Nigeria to Mexico.” Prepared for conference Dangerous Trade: Histories of Industrial Hazards in a Globalizing World. State University of New York Stony Brook, December 2007.

“Armed Struggle as Election: Social protest, extractive security and the de/legitimation of civilian transition in Nigeria and Mexico.” Neoliberalism in Contention: A Social Movement Analysis. Cornell University, September 2007.

“Oil Futures: Shell’s ‘Trilemma Triangle’ and the ‘Force of Community’”. Environmental Politics Colloquium, Institute for International Studies, University of California at Berkeley.