A man stabbed with a knife is in coma in Kakuma mission hospital;

Yesterday at one o’clock an assailant stabbed a gentleman on the mandible down to the neck. This assailant was eagerly waiting in Franco hotel drinking sprite inspecting the incoming of the people. When Deng entered, and proceeded to the washing place he instantly rose and followed. He then began to stab him with a knife. To the surprise of the rest of customers in the hotel, noise had risen.

The first man who rose to the scene saw the fight but feared seperating them for this assailant was using a knife. The hotel manager ran then to the scene, pulled the assailant out and Deng too who was in pain. This oldman didn’t hesitate thus escaped. Deng came after him bleeding profusely. “Don’t let that person go guys, catch him,” he shouted for help. The rest of the people followed yet this old assailant scared with the knife. On the road people massed following him. It was there when the police took hold of him and took him to the police station.

Deng who got weaker was carried in a wheelbarrow onto the road where an ambulance picked him. He was taken to the IRC main hospital in a coma for the first aid. Then transferred to Kakuma mission hospital for surgery.

While I paid him a visit in Kakuma mission hospital this afternoon, he was able to speak unlike the previous night. His relatives who slept with him evidenced his situation has improved. Doctor Josiah said speaking with the IOM official,”I was afraid of his situation Yesterday.”  “He’s able to sit and speak now,” he added. Dr. Josiah’s medical report stated that the wounds of the mandible, rib and axil are two centimeters deep.

This patient sleeps on one side. It’s the right side which is in pain. The patient’s temperature today is 36.4 degree celsius. Two litres of urine collected show an improvement. Dr. Josiah said he could not perform a chest X-ray and DNA test which should be done. He said these including tubular replacement should be done in another well defined hospital with all the necessities for the patient. “If this tubular replacement is done, he will be well like everybody else,” said Dr. Josiah.

The patient is unable to eat any solid food. His relatives had been giving him yoghurt-sour milk. The doctor and the nurse advised they give him fresh milk instead of yoghurt. The IOM official assured the patient, Deng that tomorrow morning he would be flown to Nairobi in a safe plane for better treatment and ample environment. Deng should be accompanied by two of his relatives.

Cause of the conflict;

This conflict is said to have began in 2008. The oldman’s wife delivered a son. This son grew up that the oldman who has become an assailant accussed Deng of being the father. The accussation clearly stated that he committed an adultery by lying with the oldman’s wife. The oldman’s evidences were the shape of the boy’s head and his walking style which he said not being his but Deng’s. By then Deng was known in his entire group 50, as a student who was committed to studies. He could hardly sleep at home but in the hospital.

The solution reached by elders and the leaders of the group was to let Deng and the boy go to Nairobi for a DNA test. His studies couldn’t let him go. This oldman was advised to go back to Sudan. It was since then that he developed grudges. In the morning of his day of assault he cheated people in the group that he would travel to Sudan. The plan wasn’t known. He made his way into Franco hotel, bought his soda waiting for Deng who came from outside to the washing place. He followed and accomplished his intended mission. He is now in Kenya police station waiting to be taken to Lodwar for further trials.

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