Abortion’s nursing of suicide

A miracle peeved the massive analysis. A baby boy was fortunately rescued in a pit latrine, half a meter deep, on eighth of January, 2010 at six o’clock in the morning. His biological mother is a Ugandan. Naboya, the boy’s mother is an orphan, of sixteen years old living in Kakuma refugee camp.
She surprisingly delivered in a latrine on seventh of January, 2010 at eight o’clock in the evening. This girl had obtained credible maximum of nine months pregnancy, keeping the secret in her heart not anticipating an emergency, thus the message not delivered to her relatives.

She was an active girl learning in Anjelina Joli Primary School, located under Kalemchuch hill alongside Lodwar-Lokichoggio road. She did her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) last year. The pregnancy was not detected because her belly didn’t appear like that of a pregnant woman or a girl. They thought it was her normal stomach when she has eaten to satisfaction. It was so bad for all her relatives believed in her as a lady who could not meddle in sex.

No body knew she could deliver on that day. “Her delivery emerged, as she demanded going to the latrine,” said the child development worker like she was told.
On reaching the latrine she released the child into the pit. She stood up and discovered her libian Minora, in pain. The latter discovered the blood coming out and told Eveline in the morning about it.
According to the eye witness, Eveline, and the staff concern with the welfare of children, she delivered in the evening and the child was rescued the following morning at six. This was after spending forteen hours in the pit with dried waste products which had taken many years without being used rather than the normally used one.

Eveline, followed up where she had gone to that evening. She visited the latrine and found the blood surrounding the pit. Moreover, she saw the child looking up to the reflected light inside the latrine. She ran calling on neighbours extensively and the community members to rescue the baby. Anxious, they came with no confidence of getting the baby alive and fortunatley rescued him. This lucky baby boy, has a jaw injury but not fractured.

Immediately, the police was called. Ashamed of herself, Naboya-the mother and her son were rushed to IRC main hospital. They’re not discharged yet undertaking treatment.

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