What matters: is the intended message delivered?

Despite mentality that keyboarding has experts, not an individual can take expertise. For long typing, fingers pain and keyboarders error on documents. Secondly, if you think of somebody or something you love so; a girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend or favorite food, you end up typing it. After meeting Muthoni, I ended up typing Muthoni which was not the name I wanted. Jerome Sebwadaga of Digital computer training college, Kakuma and the executive director of Kanere told me he had once typed ant instead of weigh which the computer didn’t highlight.

They say keyboard enters errors but without a person it can’t. This shows that carelessness of a keyboarder is all it is. Rushing to send or post an article or a report onto the web or print out an office document make people find errors on the web and regret later when they read it unpolished standing as shame to them and chases some readers who think they can’t enter errors yet they do. Speed is valued more than accuracy by many keyboarders as well. It has no faith in it. Polishing before sending any issue or attaching any document is the treatment. Prevention works best. It stops spoiled printout of an office work too. To others who fear running time and later costs of internet, they can’t help it.

In areas like Kakuma where Cyber Cafe is only one with no printer, or use of Microsoft word to create documents, life is hard. Not going through the document that is polishing, is inevitable. Internet causes replication and words not correctly used by the writer or keyboarder are unlikely to be found. Running time threatens-a race. Incorrect grammar and sentences highlighted by the machine in most cases at some places are not.

Keenness, accuracy and speed need uniformity. NGOs in Kakuma and I believe elsewhere employ clerks based on these factors. Those who type without looking onto the keyboard but onto the monitor are the experts, leave alone how many errors they make. Once in this institutions, one is eager to work free from threats; for machines belong to the organization, thus ample time to do office work as you please.
Acceptable words in English intended not to be used still sneak into documents. Polishing is needed as well-a key to successful delivery of information.

Errors belittle writers and entirely keyboarders. Keyboarding is taught in various institutions as a programme opened on the computer. It’s called Mavis tutor/beacon. This directs learners on what and how to type. It gives exams, awards marks and sometimes print out certificates for the learners. Readers who need polished work too mistake. It’s a two-way critique.
What matters is:

Is the intended message delivered?











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