Roberto Vidal-López

Director and Professor, Group on Political & Legal Theory, Faculty of Law, Javeriana University
Research Interests: Migration and law, legal theory, legal history, international law, forced migration, internal displacement, Colombia.

James Simeon

Associate Professor and the Director of the School of Public Policy and Administration, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, and formerly the Acting Director and Deputy Director at the Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS), at York University.
Research interests: War crimes and refugee status and international protection standards

Ranabir Samaddar

Director, Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group

Research Interests: Migration and refugee studies, peace studies, theory and practices of dialogue, nationalism and post-colonial statehood in South Asia, labour studies, technological restructuring, labour flows across borders.

Galya Ruffer

Founding Director, Center for Forced Migration Studies, Buffet Center for International and Comparative Studies and Director, International Studies Program, Department of Political Science, Northwestern University

Research Interests: Refugee rights and protection, citizenship, human rights, rule of law and the process of international justice, testimony and sexual violence in the DR Congo.

Delphine Nakache

Associate Professor in the School of International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa

Research interests: Public international law and migration and refugee law.

James Milner

Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, Carleton University.

Research interests: Relationship between the prolonged presence of refugees in neighbouring countries and peace-building in their country of origin, especially in the context of Africa.

Susan Martin

Director, Institute for the Study of International Migration, and Donald G. Herzberg Chair in International Migration, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

Research Interests: Migration in the context of humanitarian crises, urban refugees in Jordan, Syria and Egypt, climate change and migration, undocumented immigrant children, migration and governance.

Elizabeth (Libby) Lunstrum

Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at York University.

Research interests: Environmental politics in conflict, post-conflict, and transnational spaces; Environmental displacement; Migration and mobility; Violence and spatial relations; Territory and state formation; Gender relations; Southern Africa

Loren Landau

Director, African Centre for Migration and Society; Associate Professor and IRD Chair for International Migration and Urban Governance in Africa, University of the Witwatersrand

Research Interests: Human mobility, development, sovereignty, urban refugees.

Susan Kneebone

Professor, Faculty of Law, Monash University

Research Interests: Refugee law, human trafficking, forced migration, labour migration.