Challenging Violence Against Women – Annotated Bibliography

 – Links between  Newcomer communities and Indigenous Peoples Prepared by William Payne and Dina Taha Refugee Research Network (Centre for Refugee Studies, York University) Download the PDF HERE While newcomer women experience similar forms of violence in the context of intimate relationships as women who were born in Canada, the intersections of abuse and immigration … Continue reading Challenging Violence Against Women – Annotated Bibliography

Women, violence and health

The paper reviews the forms that gender-based violence takes, the contexts in which it occurs and the health consequences of violence against women. The paper ends with some recommendations for action by governments and professional bodies. It includes a table detailing sexual violence and the refugee cycle.

2004 UN Commission on the Status of Women: violence against women: universal but not inevitable!

Includes a section on refugee and asylum-seeking women

Sudan: Darfur: rape as a weapon of war: sexual violence and its consequences

This document reports on sexual violence against women in Darfur

Sudan: surviving rape in Darfur

This brief document reports on sexual violence against women in Darfur, and is aimed at the general public as a call to action.

Solomon Islands: women confronting violence

This report recommends a number of general and some specific measures to boost efforts which will increase women’s protection from violence, assist their confidence in and cooperation with the justice system and boost their equality. The report seeks to give a voice to women and girls whose experience during the conflict has hardly been reported … Continue reading Solomon Islands: women confronting violence

Lives blown apart: crimes against women in times of conflict: stop violence against women

In this report, Amnesty International shows some of the ways in which conflict affects women, and the many different roles which women play in conflict. It includes particular concerns regarding displaced women.

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: a human rights crisis in Kosovo province: human rights violations against women in Kosovo province

This report aims to illustrate the human rights situation of women, primarily ethnic Albanian women, in Kosovo province of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by highlighting a number of representative cases.

Women in Afghanistan: a human rights catastrophe

This document reports the endemic human rights abuses perpetrated on women in Afghanistan. It is based on in depth interviews with recently arrived refugees in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Womens rights are human rights: commitments made by governments in the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action

Includes a section on the rights and risks of internally displaced and refugee women.