What’s KM?

What is Knowledge Mobilization?KM” aka: KMb (Knowledge Mobilization), KT (Knowledge Translation), KE (Knowledge Exchange), KB (Knowledge Brokering), KM (Knowledge Management) is part of a much larger knowledge field associated with brokering, translation, exchange and intermediation. While its fast growing terminology may be difficult to keep up with, what’s important to remember is that KM has one main objective and that’s the two-way sharing of knowledge. The idea is that knowledge is not just the business of experts, but something that concerns all of us and that should be used effectively to help foster change. In this sense, KM is about using knowledge in concrete ways by involving different groups of people such as academics, policy makers, community organizers, and students in bridging the gap between what we know with what is being done.

Check out what David Phipps, Director of Research Services & Knowledge Exchange at York University has to say about KM!


0:00 – 2:13   How knowledge mobilization can be used

2:13 – 4:46   Where does it come from?

4:46 – 7:15   The three basic questions

7:15 – 8:52   The model

0:00 – 2:24   The core of knowledge mobilization

2:24 – 6:22   Educational and career path

6:22 – 9:00   What is Knowledge Mobilization Works and who is their clientele?

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