Recent Policy Briefs Submitted to the Government of Canada

Recently, members of the Refugee Research Network were able to meet with representatives of the Government of Canada and submit policy briefs to inform discussion on the following themes, and their implications for Canadian policies and practices.

Age & Generation in Canada’s Migration Law, Policy, & Programming, by Christina Clark-Kazak, York University

The Humanitarian-Development Nexus: Opportunities for Canadian Leadership, by Kevin Dunbar, CARE Canada & James Milner, Carleton University

Environmental Displacement and Environmental Migration: Blurred Boundaries Require Integrated Policies, by Michaela Hynie, York University; Prateep Nayak, University of Waterloo, Teresa Gomes & Ifrah Abdillah, University of Toronto

The State of Private Refugee Sponsorship in Canada: Trends, Issues, and Impacts by Jennifer Hyndman, William Payne and Shauna Jimenez, York University

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