A Global Compact on Learning: Taking Action on Education in Developing Countries

The Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution has released a new report, “A Global Compact on Learning: Taking Action on Education in Developing Countries,” that identifies ways to improve learning and the quality of education for children and youth in developing countries, especially those most marginalized and hardest to reach. Throughout the report the marginalization faced by children and youth living in conflict-affected and post-conflict countries is highlighted.

The study calls for the formation of a Global Compact on Learning, to increase collaboration between the public and private sectors and provide concrete actions to address a global learning crisis affecting more than 140 million children who remain out of school and those who are in school but not learning the skills they need. The study identifies three key policy priorities that can help to ensure that children are acquiring the basic skills and knowledge needed to lead healthy, safe and productive lives: supporting quality early childhood development, ensuring children learn basic literacy and numeracy skills, and increasing transition to, and relevancy of, post-primary education opportunities.

You can download the report from: http://www.brookings.edu/reports/2011/0609_global_compact.aspx

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