Circular unease: The self-sustaining production of security concerns at Britain’s Immigration and Nationality Directorate HQ.

  • Edited by Alan Ingram, University College London, UK and Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway University of London, UK
  • Series : Critical Geopolitics


  • Drawing on critical geopolitics and related strands of social theory, this book combines new case studies with theoretical and methodological reflections on the geographical analysis of security and insecurity. It brings together a mixture of early career and more established scholars and interprets security and the war on terror across a number of domains, including: international law, religion, migration, development, diaspora, art, nature and social movements. At a time when powerful projects of globalization and security continue to extend their reach over an increasingly wide circle of people and places, the book demonstrates the relevance of critical geographical imaginations to an interrogation of the present.

  • Contents: Foreword; Preface: placing the war on terror; Spaces of security and insecurity: geographies of the war on terror, Alan Ingram and Klaus Dodds; Part 1 Constructing the War on Terror: Blair, neo-conservatism and the war on territorial integrity, Stuart Elden; Containers of fate: problematic states and paradoxical sovereignty, Alex Jeffrey; Colonizing commemoration: sacred space and the war on terror, Nick Megoran; A ‘new Mecca for terrorism’? Unveiling the ‘2nd front’ in Southeast Asia, Chih Yuan Woon. Part 2 Governing Through Security: Disciplining the diaspora: Tamil self determination and the politics of proscription, Suthaharan Nadarajah; Negotiating security: governmentality and asylum/immigration NGOs in the UK, Patricia Noxolo; Asylum, immigration and the circulation of unease at Lunar House, Nick Gill; Garden terrorists and the war on weeds: interrogating New Zealand’s biosecurity regime, Kezia Barker; ‘All we need is NATO’? Euro-Atlantic integration and militarization in Europe, Merje Kuus. Part 3 Alternative Imaginations: Satellite television, the war on terror and political conflict in the Arab world, Lina Khatib; Maranatha! Premillennial dispensationalism and counter-intuitive geopolitics of (in)security, Jason Dittmer; Common ground? Anti-imperialism in UK anti-war movements, Richard Phillips; Art and the geopolitical: remapping security at Green Zone/Red Zone, Alan Ingram; Index.

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