Community, citizenship, and the ‘war on terror’: Security and insecurity.

The issue of security – what it means and how it can be achieved – is one of the defining questions of the early 21st century. It is a question that has come to affect more and more intimate elements of people’s lives, impacting on relationships between states, between individuals and the state, but also between individuals as they interact in their everyday lives. This is the starting point of this interdisciplinary collection, which aims to both unpack and engage with current debates in the global fight against terrorism by focusing on the question of what security and insecurity do, can and should mean politically. Considering a wide range of social and political forums in a range of countries, the chapters in this book open up a serious debate about what community and citizenship mean in the present securitized context, in order to sharpen our appreciation of the political and social consequences of the range of understandings that are currently under negotiation.

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