IMER – Department of International Migration and Ethnic Relations

IMER (International Migration and Ethnic Relations) is one of eight faculties of education and research at Malmö University. One of the reasons why Malmö University was established was to address the particular circumstances, possibilities, and needs found both in the Skåne region of Southern Sweden and in the city of Malmö and its environs. With approximately one-third of all persons living in the city of Malmö being of immigrant background, the University has as one of its aims to increase the representation of immigrant students amongst its programs of education. This is one of the reasons why IMER has become a special profile within Malmö University. As a profile, IMER educational and research concerns should form an element in each of the seven other faculties of the University. The IMER area program consists of two main components: 1) A general program of education and research into the major theoretical and practical issues of migration, ethnic relations and human rights 2) An introduction program of education for immigrants that provides the students with the coursework necessary to complement their prior educational experience, so as to allow them either to begin studying within the Swedish University system or to apply their educational experience from abroad.

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