MA Migration and Social Cohesion, London Metropolitan University

We are happy to announce that our new MA course in Migration and Social Cohesion will start in October 2011. The MA focuses on the interplay between migration and social cohesion in contemporary societies. It is informed by cutting edge research undertaken in the field by the Institute for the Study of European Transformations (ISET) of London Metropolitan University.


The current transformation of global and local contexts coincides with an intensification of migration and an increased awareness of the diversity of societies across the globe. In the process, social cohesion, i.e. the institutional and personal bonds bringing people together in the context of socio-cultural diversity, has emerged as a key phenomenon and policy concept for understanding and managing such transformations. The relationship between migration and social cohesion will increasingly become a key issue and concern for societies and policy-makers across the globe.

Skills and Employment

The MA in Migration and Social Cohesion will provide students with strategic research and policymaking skills to understand and respond to the interplay between migration and social cohesion in contemporary times. It will also enable students to analyse and address the main social processes informing this interplay, including: post-industrialism; globalisation; individualism; the transformation of political, gender and sexual identities; consumerism; and the interplay between religion, politics and secularisation.

The MA in Migration and Social Cohesion is designed for those who wish to work as researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in the following areas:

– local, national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations and the voluntary sector, particularly in the areas of community relations, local regeneration, migrant and refugee rights, and trafficking for sexual and labour exploitation.

– cross-cultural, inter-faith, cultural management in public and private sectors.

For any further information regarding course content and admission requirements, please consult the MA webpage:

and contact the course convenor, Nick Mai (

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