The UK’s immigration crackdown

What is behind the country’s current policies?

Al Jazeera’s The Stream

Members of the Muslim community make their way to pray at the East London Mosque on the last day of Ramadan on August 7, 2013 in London, England. (Dan Kitwood/GETTY)

Immigration is at the top of the agenda in the UK and last week it made international headlines with so called ‘racist vans’ that prowled some of London’s immigrant enclaves. In an effort to appeal to public sentiment, did the government crackdown on illegal immigration go too far, or was it the success the government says? We dissect the ‘Go home or face arrest’ billboards and ask whether the real problem is a broken system. Join us at 1930GMT


  1. The UK government has recently taken on a more aggressive approach when it comes to immigration. It is an approach that some have condemned as racist. Earlier this month, the Home Office sent vans, like the one in the image below, around London, that carried the message “go home or face arrest”.
    Do I have to start carrying my passport around with me because I’m a brown girl? –
  2. A suspected visa overstayer arrested at Swansea nail bar – 94 suspected#immigrationoffenders arrested across UK
  3. Let’s Play… UK Border Agency Simulator!

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