A stressed who knows solution needs help.

Solomon Seyoum is an Eritrean who served as an Eritrean soldier before he parted with his family fifteen years ago. He left his family in Adisababa where he finished his Secondary Education. After he became a refugee in Kakuma, his parents were deported to Eritrea. This man is stressed to an extent of not knowing how to help himself only to put hope into getting his sister’s contact. “My sister Rozina Seyoum is in Holland,” he said. “She doesn’t know how I suffer.” He complained urging me to tell it that he needs her bitterly or his nierce whom he said grew up in his family, by the name; Nigistilougi. His sister went to Holland ten years ago leaving a child in Nairobi. However, she was married to a man he doesn’t know. Had he been himself he would have rescued the child abandoned. This fifteen years of anxiety were spent begging on roads by him and selling his ration to get only two hundred Kenyan shillings he waste on bread and tap water which he sometimes pay. He claims to be under insecurity because some men go about looking to kill him because he was their rival as a soldier. He said he spends nights in different places of the camp so that his place won’t be known. His appearance even if he can be qualified will even let any organization not allow him work. I peered on his card exchange slip today, second of November while interviewing him to find that he had lost the card thus was given that slip on first to cover only a single round of receiving ration before he could be given a new ration card. Not surprising that he cannot tell how he lost it. “I am stressed,” he said.” Have you ever seen me begging on the road?” He said he gets coins from friends to live it. Even where to eat he may not know. “God will decide on what to eat,” he humbled himself. He is bitterly looking for a way to get his sisters or mother if his life may change. He said,” I will be glad if my sister gives me her contact.” He has set his own goals. If you hear him speaking English, you will rather cry. He’s perfect like you can be surprised. The main assistance he needs is to find his sisters and brothers he could not tell or mother.  Mainly phone numbers of Rozina in Holland and Nigistilougi in U.S.A as he said and their addresses. He has put his hope into this article to let him get his sisters. “I will use land line to call them,” he confided. “When do we meet,Tomorrow…..?” he asked. He wanted me to let the meeting be tomorrow to see if he would be glad by getting any of these people he needs. Fifteen years under no care of his own, God must be having a purpose him, I suppose and for this I have to sacrifice to tell his story.













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